Web Monetization on Hashnode

Hashnode has grown to become one of the best platforms for tech content creators in 2020, and I also see this as a platform for all creators in various fields in the future. With the unique feature that allows you to own your content 100%. And now with the new support for web monetization, hashnode has pushed the standards forward.

My name is Akintunde Sultan and I'm a GrantfortheWeb Ambassador, I'm working with the team to push the adoption of web monetization here in Africa. My official announcement

A brief introduction to web monetization:

The popular models for content creators to generate revenue online has always revolved around ads, subscriptions, and privacy invasion. This is one-sided(creator considering alone) and harmful, hence, the need to have a model that considers the users also.

Web Monetization is the only model that puts both the content creator and user in mind for content and revenue allocations.

What this means is that, with web monetization, both the users and the creator are benefiting mutually and for the first time, the users are actually considered.

If you're a content creator on hashnode, you can add web monetization to your contents, one advantage of this is that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, Hashnode increased the reach of your contents and you're able to generate revenue from that reach, while your content is equally available to everyone on the web(both monetized users and non-monetized users). A true goldmine.

For content creators who do not write occasionally, take it that with the few you write, and through web monetization, you're probably going to generate enough revenue to now own your own private domain on hashnode or perhaps continue to renew your domain. Take that as a tip from the tons of people who consume the amazing content your write. For seasoned writers on hashnode, the possibilities are endless.

Activating web monetization on Hashnode, you need the following:

  1. A payment pointer
  2. A hashnode account
  3. That's all


a) Get your payment pointer from Uphold: Register and verify your account on Uphold > Go to your Dashboard and select a card of your choice (USD, BTC, EUR, XRP), In this example, I'll be using USD.

b) Once you click on the card, you should see a tab called "Add funds" All options to add funds to this card would be listed, you should click on "from Interledger Payment Pointer"

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 13.08.46.png

b) Time to generate your payment pointer: Payment pointers are a unique payment address that can be used to stream money directly to you using the Interledger open protocol. As a creator, with a system like this, you never need to worry about the locations of your users or currency conversions, you automatically cut across borders and continents with a payment pointer. Take it like an email address that allows you to receive messages directly from anywhere.

hashnode dashabord

c) Copy your payment pointer to use on Hashnode. Once you've generated a payment pointer, you should copy it. You can always come back here to copy it in the future so you have no need to save it elsewhere.

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 13.10.51.png

d) Go to your hashnode blog dashboard and locate the "INTEGRATION" page, then to the "Web Monetization Payment Pointer" section. This is where you'll input your payment pointer :

Screenshot 2020-09-18 at 17.25.02.png

That's all, your hashnode blog is completely monetized now, also if you happen to have a meta tag in the meta-tag section before, you can still add your web monetization pointer as the field allows you add multiple meta tags.

And now, when users who are using web monetization visit your page or read your content on Hashnode, you immediately generate revenue from them.

Screenshot 2020-08-14 at 13.56.04.png

I'll be glad to answer all your questions in the comment section, and you can always ask me questions on twitter on hacksultan

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How do we get our content in front of those coil users?

Uduak Obong-Eren's photo

Great article Akintunde Sultan, thanks for sharing.

I'd like to point out that the link to Uphold in Step a is broken. It currently points to x.hashnode.dev/uphold.com instead of uphold.com. You might want to check that out.

Also could you please explain what you mean by "And now, when users who are using web monetization visit your page"? Does this revenue will be generated only users who are using web monetization?

Thanks once again for the great article!

Akintunde Sultan's photo

Thanks a lot Uduak Obong-Eren for pointing this out. I made the fixes...

Yes, you're only able to generate revenue from users who are using web monetization. The whole idea of web monetization can be explained like users saving a certain amount of money(in this case, a $5 on Coil) to distribute to the creators of the contents they consume on the web.

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Ayyyyy! Amazing article! ;-)

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"hacksultan" link is broken. FYI

Nice article.

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Akintunde Sultan add https:// to all the links.

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Thanks Tech Hustler I just made the fix, adding https:// as suggested by Syed Fazle Rahman fixed it.. thanks.

Amarachi Emmanuela Azubuike's photo

Thanks Sultan for breaking this down for us. I just followed the steps. Can't see the badge (the type you have on yours that says "coil is paying") Does that show immediately? Or do I have to wait for sometime? Thanks

Akintunde Sultan's photo

Your web monetization status is active immediately. For the "Coil is paying" showing, users who are web monetized with Coil, have to install the Coil extension and that is what displays that. Right now, I have a Coil subscription, that's why I have the plugin installed and that shows that web monetization is active. As a creator, you do not need to have a coil account ( except you want to add web monetization to your Youtube or Twitch channel). Users are the ones who needs to register and subscribe to web monetization on Coil.com .

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Can we actually cash out the generated money anytime?

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Yes, you can withdraw anytime. Uphold which I used in this article is a wallet provider, and you can easily make a transfer of your funds.


Quick question, do you only generate revenue when users who uses monetization visit your blog ??

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Yes, you only generate revenue from users who are using web monetization with Coil access your content. That number is increasing daily.

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Thanks for detailed write up, Akintunde Sultan.

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Thanks for this awesome article . It was an eye- opener

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Amazing article!! One quick question, should I do anything separately when I publish an article or it is active on all I post?

Ayush Agarwal's photo

You don't need to do anything else. It will be active on each and every post by default.

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This is an eye-opener. Thank you @sultan

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Thanks to Edidiong Asikpo for pointing this article, was such a great help

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Wonderful article Akintunde Sultan. Thanks for sharing it.